igor anicic

The first single is out!

Croatian based pop artist Igor Anicic is most known for his songs in 6 languages and for the amount of positive enrgy he is able to spread. "We Got to Stay Together" is the first song of his series "Songs for the World".

His goal is to spread a lot of positive energy throughout the world during these difficult times! The message in all songs is to stay positive, united and to show support and respect to each other. With respect to all the people we can make good things for our world! The songs are made in the spirit of the countries and the cultures of the languages in which they are written, and are all very positive. The next single is coming out in August!!

Download for FREE the first single!!

We want to encourage people and give them faith in the better future.

The deep message inside the song touched a lot of people already.

Download now and feel the positive vibes!

Good luck to all!

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